The Day Before: Totally Real, Totally Lied

The highly anticipated game, The Day Before, has finally made its debut on Steam Early Access. Developed by Fntastic, this open-world survival MMO had garnered significant attention and generated a lot of hype leading up to its release. However, the initial reception has been far from positive, with players encountering numerous issues and expressing their disappointment through negative reviews and social media posts. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind the game’s rocky start and explore the criticisms that have been raised by the gaming community.

The Controversial Journey to Release

Before we dive into the current state of The Day Before, it’s important to understand the tumultuous journey this game has had. From trademark disputes to plagiarism accusations, Fntastic has faced a barrage of criticism and skepticism. The development team not only had to deal with delays but also weathered allegations of exploiting labor and producing vaporware. Despite all the doubts and controversies, The Day Before managed to overcome these obstacles and finally arrived on the Steam platform. However, the question remains: does it live up to the expectations set by its early trailers and promotional material?

The Day Before’s False Advertising

One of the most significant criticisms leveled against The Day Before is the disparity between what was promised and what was delivered. The game was marketed as an open-world survival MMO, drawing comparisons to popular titles like The Last of Us. However, players quickly discovered that The Day Before falls short of this description. Instead of an expansive and immersive MMO experience, they found themselves engaging in an extraction shooter with limited survival elements. The absence of melee combat and the lack of a truly open world left players feeling misled and dissatisfied.

Technical Issues and Game-breaking Bugs

Beyond the misleading advertising, players have encountered a multitude of technical issues and game-breaking bugs that hinder their enjoyment of The Day Before. Reports of server problems and difficulties logging in have been widespread, preventing many players from even accessing the game. Those who have managed to get in have been met with a plethora of glitches, ranging from characters falling through the map to random soft locks. The overall lack of polish and the abundance of bugs have further contributed to the negative reception of the game.

The Day Before’s Empty World

Another major complaint about The Day Before is the emptiness of its world. Despite its promises of a post-apocalyptic setting filled with zombies and survival challenges, players have found the game’s cityscape to be devoid of life and lacking in meaningful encounters. The limited number of zombies present and the absence of any significant survival mechanics have left players feeling underwhelmed and disconnected from the game’s intended experience.

The Developer’s Response

In the face of mounting criticism, Fntastic has acknowledged the overwhelming negative feedback and the server issues that players have encountered. The developer temporarily locked certain channels on their Discord server to address toxicity and focus on collecting bug reports. They have assured players that they are working on patches and improvements to address the game’s shortcomings, promising to continue adding content and enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

The Player Experience

The negative reviews and social media posts from players paint a clear picture of their disappointment with The Day Before. Many players feel that they have been scammed and misled by the game’s advertising, expecting a robust MMO experience and receiving an extraction shooter with limited features. The game’s technical issues and lack of polish have only exacerbated these frustrations, leading to a significant number of refund requests and a general sense of disillusionment within the community.

The Future of The Day Before

Despite its rough start, The Day Before still has the potential to improve and redeem itself. Fntastic’s commitment to addressing the game’s issues and providing updates and patches is a step in the right direction. However, whether the developer can successfully transform The Day Before into the game that players were promised remains to be seen. The gaming community will be eagerly watching to see if Fntastic can deliver on their promises and turn this disappointing launch into a success story.


The Day Before’s release on Steam Early Access has been marred by controversy, technical issues, and a significant gap between expectations and reality. The game’s false advertising, technical glitches, and lackluster gameplay have left players feeling let down and dissatisfied. However, with the developer’s commitment to improving the game and the potential for future updates and patches, there is still hope that The Day Before can evolve into the immersive and engaging experience that players were initially promised. Only time will tell if Fntastic can turn this disappointing launch around and deliver a game that lives up to its potential.

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